New challenges and opportunities emerge all the time in Medicon Valley. MVA understands this and has adapted to meet the needs of the region over the years, yet out work always embodies our core values.


We have a visionary mindset and believe that we can bring together the different players in Medicon Valley through common projects and initiatives. We are goal-oriented and focused. We have the confidence and strength to challenge the status quo. We are driven and proactive. We are not afraid of taking up new challenges or going down untrodden paths.


We approach our work with lots of energy and engagement. We are ambitious and hard-working. We are motivated and work proactively to continously improve our activities and products. We are curious, loyal and professional.


We respect the diversity in Medicon Valley and are always open for dialogue. We honour our commitments, deliver on time and set high standards for ourselves.
These values have been at the heart of MVA since we were founded in 1997.