The Danish Trial Nation initiative is on the offensive!!

    As one of the top priorities of the national Danish National life Science strategy, the initiaive, Trial Nation, which offers a single, national entry point for global companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers wishing to conduct clinical trials in Denmark, is now on the offensive. The ambitious mission of Trial Nation is “to make Denmark the most attractive country for companies and other stakeholders to conduct clinical trials – for the benefit of patients, research, and the economy.” Among the members of the Trial Nation Board of Directors are among others representatives from MVA-member Roche, MVA-member Capital Region of Denmark and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and Ministry of Health. Danish embassies located in key life science clusters have been given the task to help market this new and upgraded life science flagship initiative. Although the parallel Swedish national life science strategy is now yet final, there remains little doubt that attracting clinical trials will also be a key component of this strategy. 
    MVA obviously welcomes this strenthened effort and calls for the optimal level of coordination and collaboration in order to maximize the joint impact of the Danish and Swedish efforts.