The European Medicines Agency is moving to Amsterdam. Denmark lost the race!

    Despite being among the favorites, it was not possible to convince enough of the other EU countries about the benefits of moving the European Medicines Agency from London to Copenhagen.

    “Based on purely objective criteria, Copenhagen was among the top 3 candidates, as has been pointed out in several analysis´and reports. The fact that Denmark did came in third testifies to the relevance of the Medicon Valley concept, because without South Sweden, the Copenhagen candidacy would probably not have made it that far. Unfortunately, it was not politically possible to create a joint Danish-Swedish-Nordic support for the Copenhagen-based Medicon Valley candidacy, and the lack of common support for a single Nordic candidate might have been decisive. ” says Chairman of Medicon Valley Alliance, CVP Novo Nordisk, Søren Bregenholt.

    As documented in the recently published analysis, “State of Medicon Valley 2017 – An Analysis of Life Science in Greater Copenhagen“, our bi-national Medicon Valley region is already the most prominent life science cluster in the Nordics by almost every reasonable measure. With the location of EMA in Copenhagen, the whole region could have stepped up on the international stage as a stepping stone for life science not only in and out of the Nordics, but also in and out of Europe as a whole.

    “I am grateful for the South Swedish support for the Danish candidacy. It gives us hope for the future development of the cluster. It is also my hope that Copenhagen and Stockholm will now let bygones be bygones. We must now work even harder to realize our shared vision of a world-class Danish-Swedish life science cluster, and it requires support from both countries, regionally as well as nationally, “says Medicon Valley Alliance’s Swedish CEO, Petter Hartman.