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    Course: Pharmacology

    MIND Pharmacology offers a broad education in all pharmacological disciplines used for drug candidate selection. Through lectures and workshops within in vitro pharmacology, in vivo disease animal models, pharmacokinetics and ADMET, the course offers participants to work with real challenges of ‘drug candidate pharmacological behavior’ in the drug development process.

    Dates: 7-10 May and 13 May 2019
    Time: 5 days
    Venue: University of Copenhagen, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 Copenhagen N
    Cost: DKK 10,750 for EU/EEA citizens
                DKK 12,488 for non-EU/EEA citizens
    Application deadline: 13 March 2019

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    The broad nature of the course enables participants to understand a large variety of central goals and challenges in drug discovery and development and to optimize work across specialist areas in his or her own organization. The course offers high level pharmacological science as well as hands-on experience with pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study design, data analysis and data interpretation.

    The course will teach the basic concepts of general pharmacology. Emphasis is on pharmacokinetics with hands-on calculations. There is focus on experimental in vitro and in vivo tools and on animal experimental models for various diseases including modern experimental techniques.

    The course covers the following areas:

    • General pharmacology (pharmacodynamics)
    • Pharmacokinetics (basic concepts, extra vascular dosing using a one-compartment model, IV administration using 1- and 2 compartment models, elimination: metabolism and excretion, hands-on calculation in an Excel spreadsheet)
    • Exploratory pharmacology (measurement of pharmacological effect, safety pharmacology)
    • In vitro pharmacology, concepts and methodology (ADME; biomarkers; metabolism; transporters)
    • In vivo pharmacology, methodology (animal models for cardiovascular diseases, obesity, bone and joint diseases and pain; behavioural animal models.)

    What do you gain?

    • Obtain basic and integrated understanding of pharmacology methodology in drug discovery and development disciplines
    • Understand and conduct state-of the art calculations and data interpretations within pharmacokinetics and especially within pharmacodynamics
    • Broad understanding of all aspects of ADMET based drug candidate selections
    • Understand basic validation of animal models for in vivo pharmacological drug candidate selection
    • Understand and validate methods applied for in vitro pharmacological drug candidate selection
    • Obtain a large overview of current state-of-the art pharmacology models
    • Professional communication skills within pharmacological terminology

    MIND Pharmacology contains lectures and discussions throughout all aspects of applied pharmacology in drug discovery and developments processes. Experienced specialists from Leo Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck and Copenhagen University presents basic and applied pharmacology illustrated with state-of-the art examples. Whereas topics include in vitro and in vivo pharmacological drug candidate selection and ADMET drug candidate selection criteria, a special focus will be given to pharmacokinetic modeling, calculation and data interpretation. You will have good opportunities to network during discussion, workshops, and breaks.

    Contact person:
    Annette Villumsen