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    Drug Development Boot Camp

    The Drug Development Boot Camp® was founded by Dr. Lorna Speid. She is a global regulatory affairs and drug development expert. After watching many of her clients make avoidable and expensive mistakes, she decided to help as many as she could avoid those mistakes. The Drug Development Boot Camp® uses accelerated learning techniques to train executives and people working at the cutting edge of new drug R&D, in drug development. The fifth Boot Camp will be held with Harvard University OTD at the Harvard Club on November 20-21, 2019.

    MVA members will receive a 50 USD discount off the advertised price. Please ensure that you mention your MVA membership to receive the 50 USD discount off the advertised price when you contact Dr. Speid to register.

    Date: November 20, 2019 – November 21, 2019, 6:30 am
    Venue: Harvard Club of Boston, 374 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston


    Drug development is a complex process. Each compound or molecule that enters drug development requires a unique drug development program to be devised by the Project Team. Even after many years of working in drug development, many executives with decision making authority lack in-depth understanding of the drug development process.

    What is Drug Development Boot Camp®?
    The Drug Development Boot Camp® is a unique, intensive, integrated drug development training which immerses the participants in drug development using a unique approach pioneered by Dr. Lorna Speid. A world quality expert Faculty that have worked together to develop the Boot Camp materials will teach the Boot Camp. Not only will you have fun at the Boot Camp, but you will be totally immersed in the principles of drug development for two days, allowing you to take your drug development skills to another level.

    Why Should I Attend the Drug Development Boot Camp®?
    After many years of working in drug development and reproducing the same mistakes, few executives will take time away from the “shop floor” to hone their skills because they are very sincere in believing that they have the needed knowledge and skill-set. If only that were the case, we would see more drugs reaching the clinic and commercialization. Unfortunately, years of seniority do not denote experience.

    Why Should I attend Boot Camp?
    You are probably thinking “Why should I take the trouble of attending the Boot Camp in Boston when there are many similar courses that I can attend?” Be assured that there is nothing like the Drug Development Boot Camp® run by Speid & Associates. Far too often, speakers at conferences are ill-prepared for the task. Most of the time it is evident that the presenters have not even spoken to each other before meeting at the conference or meeting, much less worked together on their content. The redundancies and overlaps soon put most people to sleep. The few that remain awake are more intent on asking questions to show how much they know than with learning anything new. The other challenge with many courses and conferences is that too often they are aimed at those who are new to the industry. These courses are not to be compared with the Drug Development Boot Camp®.

    At the Boot Camp you will be trained by the best, using materials that have been carefully thought through to provide an intensive drug development training and learning experience.

    I can’t afford the cost of the tuition to attend the Boot Camp
    The mistakes that are made by companies are incredibly expensive. The price of the Boot Camp was set deliberately low to encourage participation by those that need to attend. The cost of not taking this course will far outweigh the cost of this very reasonably priced Boot Camp. Additionally, early bird pricing is extremely low to encourage those on limited budgets to take part.,

    Why should I attend the Boot Camp since my company will hire consultants and contract research organizations?
    Without a thorough understanding of drug development you will be at the mercy of those that have more understanding than you have. You will be unable to understand when consultants and contract research organizations are giving you the best advice, versus giving you the advice that serves their interests.
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