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    Nicole Mastrell

    Event Manager & PA to CEO
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    Improving Manufacturing Performance with Cutting-Edge Predictive Analytics

    Long term success in manufacturing can be summed up in three key result areas: the cost of goods, the quality of those goods and the ability to deliver them on time.

    For any given system, whether simple or complex, a robust approach to leveraging data analytics towards those areas can be the difference between success or failure. Manufacturing is much different than R&D. Shipments need to be made. Time and experimental capability are limited. However, data analytics can bring clarity to your situation.

    Date: 14 June 2018
    Time: 9:30 – 14:00 
    Venue: SAS Institute, Købmagergade 7-9, DK-1150 København K


    In this seminar, you’ll learn how to:

    • Drive improvement opportunities and decisions from statistical models, not anecdotes
    • Reduce your hidden factory by making better use of data to identify problems and their causes
    • Find relationships from prior data consisting of many noisy variables



    Cy Wegman

    Following a 38-year career at P&G, Cy Wegman is now President and Founder of SY64, LLC an analytics consulting firm specializing in statistical modelling, optimization and design of experiments. In recognition of his achievements saving hundreds of millions of dollars over his career with P&G, Wegman received the company’s highest engineering award – membership in the Engineering Prism Society.

    Malcolm Moore

    Malcolm Moore, PhD, is JMP European Technical Manager. An expert in design of experiments, Moore worked at Light Pharma, BBN and Astra Zeneca and lectured in medical statistics at Newcastle University prior to joining JMP.