Medicon Valley Medtech Network meeting

    Welcome to Medicon Valley Medtech Network and our next meeting!

    The Medtech industry in the Greater Copenhagen area concists of everything from large and medium sized companies to startups. When the regulatory certifications are in place and the growth of the company is the main objective, how is it possible to stay in or stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset and work flow, to keep inventing new technologies, find disruptive ways to enter and grow the market, and stay ahead in the game? What may be gained from this, is it really possible in the Medtech industry, and how is it done?

    Medicon Valley Alliance, together with one of our members – Ideon Science Park, welcomes you to the 8th Medicon Valley Medtech Network meeting. This meeting will focus on discussions and sharing experiences. You will be presented some methods used by other industries and lean start ups in general, that can inspire you and your organisation.

    Date: 9th of December, 2019
    Time: 17.00- 20.00
    Host: Ideon Science Park
    Venue: Ideon Science Park Startup HUB, Agora Building, Scheelevägen 15, Lund, Sweden

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    The Network
    Medicon Valley Medtech Network
    gathers the region’s medtech industry to create new partnerships and business opportunities. Joining the network is free of charge but is limited to Medicon Valley Alliance members. However, non-member organizations and companies are welcome to attend one network event to evaluate if being part of the network is relevant. If so, becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance will automatically allow you to join the medtech network.

    Moderator: Arne Hansson, CEO & Open Innovation Navigator, Ideon Open

    17.00-17.30 Registration, networking and a bite to eat
     – meet the fellow participants
    17.30-17.35 Welcome
    Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance
    Mia Rolf, CEO, Ideon Science Park
    17.35-17.55 User centered design for Medtech industry
    Jonas Svennberg, Managing Director, Zenit Design
    17.55-18.15 Case from large & medium sized company using Open Innovation
    Arne Hansson, CEO & Open Innovation Navigator, Ideon Open
    Fredrik Wetterlundh, Ideon Open Collaborator from the Pharma industry
    18.15-18.45 Discussion I: Experiences from your own organisation
    18.45-19.15 Discussion II: Test one of Ideon Open’s Innovation Methods
    The SRI Value creation method (NABC), to answer the Question, “How can Medicon Valley Medtech Network collaborate through Open Innovation?”
    19.15-19.30 Wrap up and sharing experiences
    Arne Hansson, CEO & Open Innovation Navigator, Ideon Open
    Mia Rolf, CEO, Ideon Science Park
    19.30-20.00 Networking and refreshments

    Deadline for registration is 4th of December, 2019.

    For more information please contact Sophie Labrosse:

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