Medicon Valley Medtech Network meeting

    Join Medicon Valley Medtech Network and our next meeting!

    Being 500+ MedTech* companies in the Öresund region, it is time we make use of our collected knowledge to increase growth for all!

    With 3-4 meetings per year in either Skåne or the capital region of Denmark, we aim to adress the challenges in a MedTech company’s growth as topics and enhance the networking opportunities. Perhaps your experience could be valid for other companies? Or you are looking for specialists that other companies might be in contact with? Do you really know the competence treasure across the bridge?

    Orchestrating the network is a mix of Swedish and Danish entities: Alteco Medical, Ideon Science Park, SAXOCON and Medicon Valley Alliance. We are happy to invite new and existing MVA members interested in joining us for the second meeting:

    Date: 23rd of October, 2017

    Time: 17.00- 20.00

    Hosts: Medtech Innovation and SAXOCON ApS

    Venue: Meeting room 1, 2nd floor, Meeting Center, Building 101 (Entrance A), Technical University of Denmark, Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Kgs. Lyngby – See map

    *Medical Device: Instrument, software, combination products etc. designed by the manufacturer to be used for diagnostic / therapeutic use on humans in order to treat / mitigate illness, injury, and disability. Note that it is the manufacturer that specifies the intended use and thereby (in large part), determines if a product is to be regarded as a medical device or not. 

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    17.00-17.30 Registration, networking and a bite to eat
     – meet the fellow participants
    17.30-17.45 Welcome and short presentation of participants
    Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance  
    17.45-18.00 Medtech Innovation
    Anette Rye Larsen, Project Manager, Medtech Innovation
    18.00-18.30 How can we all benefit from a Medtech Network
    – thoughts and visions
    Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, CEO, SAXOCON
    Håkan Petersson, CEO, Alteco Medical
    18.30-19.00 Experiences from the IPO process and executing BONESUPPORT’s growth strategy
    Björn Westberg, CFO, BONESUPPORT AB
    19.00-19.15 News from the Network
    19.15-20.00 Structured networking and a light snack

    Deadline for registration is 16th of October, 2017.

    For more information please contact Senior Project Manager Helen Pettersson:

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