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    Mobile Heights Toppenmorgon – Digital Health

    We are pleased to invite members of Medicon Valley Alliance to join Mobile Heights “Toppenmorgon” meeting on digital health solutions at home.

    We are at an inflection point when it comes to the adoption of health care solutions at home, and the change is driven by societal shifts and fueled by new technology. What is happening right now in the field?

    The MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON in Malmö on April 10 gives you a chance to find out!

    This morning, Knut Mårtensson, CEO of miThings, will give us an insight into three pan-European projects addressing digital health solutions at home for stroke rehab, chronic pain and diabetes type 2.

    Boris Magnusson, CEO of itACiH, will be joined on stage by Head Physician Professor Anders Christensson and Ass. Professor Gunnar Sterner from Skåne University Hospital. Together they will present how they took on the challenge of in-home monitoring and treatment of patients with high blood pressure, using innovative methods and new technology.

    All our members are invited free of charge.

    Date: April 10
    Time: 8:30 am – 10:00 am
    Venue: Elite Hotel Savoy, Norra Vallgatan 62 , Malmö, 21122 Sweden




    Breakfast and networking


    Welcome by Mobile Heights 
    Ola Svedin, CEO & Molly Löfqvist, Head of Communications 

    Presentation of partners
    Medicon Valley Alliance, Media Evolution and Livsmedelsakademin


    Digital health solutions within stroke rehab, chronic pain and diabetes type 2
    Knut Mårtensson, Co Founder at miThings

    Why lowering blood-pressure is important, and how monitoring at home can be a solution
    Anders Christensson, Head Physician, Professor, Dept of Nephrology, SUS, Region Skåne
    Gunnar Sterner, Ass Professor, Dept of Nephrology, SUS, REGION SKÅNE
    Boris Magnusson, CEO, ITACIH 




    The ToppenMorgon will be held at Elite Hotel Savoy in Malmö and is organised by Mobile Heights in co-operation with Medicon Valley Alliance, Media Evolution and Livsmedelsakademin.