MVA Oncology Network Meeting

    Welcome to MVA Oncology Network and our 3rd meeting!

    The interest in joining the Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network set up by prof. and entrepreneur  Nils Brünner (University of Copenhagen) and prof. and entrepreneur Carl Borrebaeck, (Lund University) is still on the rise.

    Medicon Valley Alliance, together with two of our members – the science parks Medeon and COBIS – now invites you to MVA Oncology Network and our 3rd  meeting covering the topic “Clinical Trials – opportunities and challenges in a Swedish, Danish and European perspective”:
    Date: 29 May 2017
    Time: 17:00 – 20:00
    Hosts: Ulf Andersson, CEO, Medeon and Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO, COBIS
    Venue: COBIS, Ole Maaløes Vej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N
    Cost: Free of charge for MVA members

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    The network
    MVA Oncology Network is a professional and social network within oncology. The network focuses on best practice, experience and current challenges for public-private collaboration and the commercialization of oncology related R&D in the Medicon Valley region. The network consists of professors, PI and corporate level executives from the regional oncology eco-system. Membership is limited to Medicon Valley Alliance members only, but non-member organizations and companies are welcome to attend one network event to evaluate if a membership of the network is relevant. If so, becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance will automatically able you to join the oncology network.



    Registration, networking and a bite to eat – meet the fellow participants

    17:30-17.35  Welcome
    Ulf Andersson, CEO, Medeon
    Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO, COBIS
     17:35-18.00 “Who are we?” 4 x 5 minute corporate presentations
    Marco Donia, Clinician-Scientist, Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen
    Christina Junvik, Directing Manager, Junvik Clinical Development Consulting AB
    Henrik Lawaetz, CEO, WntResearch AB
    Mai-Britt Zocca, CEO, IO Biotech ApS
     18:00-18.05 Introduction of speakers and theme of the event
    Nils Brünner, Prof., University of Copenhagen
     18:05-18.30 Clinical trials in Skåne
    Signe Borqvist, Senior Consultant, Associate Professor, Skåne University Hospital/
    Lund University
    Ulf Malmqvist, Director at R&D Center Skåne, Skåne University Hospital
    Anna Sundlöv, Head of Clinical Research Unit Oncology, Skåne University Hospital
     18:30-19:00 Clinical trials in Denmark
    Britta Smedegaard Andersen, Project Director, NEXT
      19:00-19:30 How to be successful through EMA
    Steen Werner Hansen, Vice Director, Herlev & Gentofte Hospital
     19:30-20:00 Structured networking and a light snack



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