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    13th Annual Workshop of Biofilms – Oral Interfaces

    Welcome to the 13th Annual Workshop of Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces

    Date: The 18th-19th of October 2017
    Venue: Niagara, Malmö


    This year the annual workshop will focus on oral interfaces. Among the speakers are representatives from both academia and industry. Prof Philip March, Professor of Oral Microbiology, University of Leeds, will introduce the meeting with Prospects of oral disease control in the future. The program of lectures will then cover aspects of:

    • Salivary pellicles – including clinical aspects, the role of saliva in dental erosion, and the potential of nanoparticles as a salivary substitute
    • Oral Biofilms – including multi-species consortia, host inflammatory responses and events taking place inside the cell
    • Oral implants – including clinical aspects, bone augmentation, polymer coating, implant failures and ceramic surfaces

    Confirmed guest speakers:
    Prof Philip March Prof Kamal Mustafa
    Dr Luis Chavèz de Paz Dr Jeffrey Hall
    Dr Hazem Khalaf Prof Torsten Jemt,
    Dr Benjamin Pippenger Prof Gordon Proctor
    Prof Marianne Hiorth

    Speakers from Malmö University:
    Prof Ann Wennerberg
    Ali Alinezi
    Dr Bruno Chrcanovic
    Prof Dan Ericson
    Prof Gunnel Svensäter
    Dr Javier Sotres
    Dr Jessica Neilands
    Dr Johanna Lönn
    Dr Sebastian Björklund