Medicon Valley Alliance member Novo Nordisk is to invest £115m in a new science research centre in Oxford

    Novo HQ

    Eventually, Oxford’s history of “excellence” proved more important than Brexit. Consequently, Novo Nordisk is to invest £115m over 10 years in a new science research centre in Oxford. The research centre, which will work on new ways of treating type 2 diabetes, is expected to employ 100 academics and scientists.

    Speaking exclusively to the BBC, Novo Nordisk’s executive vice-president and chief science officer Mads Thomsen said the UK’s decision to leave the EU made the firm pause for thought, but the company took a very long view.

    “Obviously we think the Brexit decision was unfortunate. That being said, Oxford University has been around for 800 years so the academic excellence and our company’s ability to turn that into medicines hasn’t really changed,” he said.

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