PeakSearch & Medicon Valley Alliance
MVA and PeakSearch (Recruitment, Life Science) have entered a collaboration, which provides favorable price and benefit for all MVA members!

MVA Member Benefits
All members of Medicon Valley Alliance are, when using the promotion code “MVA”, entitled of

A 10% discount
En extended recruitment guarantee up to 12 months when using PeakSearch full process
Promotion code ‘MVA’
About PeakSearch
PeakSearch is a recruitment consultant company specialized in recruiting managers and specialists to key positions in the Life Science industry, mainly in the Nordic countries. PeakSearch has developed a top quality recruitment model ”Value Recruitment” to attract, select and deliver the best talents in the Life Science industry.

All our consultants have long experience from the Life Science industry, both from R&D, Marketing and Sales, with a deep understanding of the different roles as well as a huge talent network. Our services include:

  • Full recruitment process
  • Parts of the recruitment process, customized to best meet customer needs
  • Career coaching
  • Second opinion
  • Inplacement
  • Extended assessments

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catharina_PeakSearch Catharina HerbertssonRecruitment Consultant
+46 706 152772
Eva_PeakSearch Eva RunnerströmRecruitment Consultant
+46 701 725379
Further contacts PeakSearch in Öresund Region
Sankt Annegatan No 1
223 50 Lund
PeakSearch HQ
Eriksbergsgatan  10
114 30 Stockholm
+46 8 545 001 00