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Ramarketing & MVA
Ramarketing has 100 years’+ of collective in-house and agency experiencing in relating to marketing, design, PR, and social media amongst others. Ramarketing are well known within the medical sector, as they are pharma and healthcare specialists themselves.
Ramarketing is, compared to other local agencies in Copenhagen, 60 – 70% the price!

As a member of MVA you get 30% off any services with Ramarketing *
They offer competent and skilled management of Website Design, SEO and Branded Materials. Learn more about the services below.
*This is an additional discount beyond the 60-70% of the local agencies

Website Design
Your website is the online face of your brand. In order to reflect your company in a stylish and affordable way we design websites suitable for your target trade audience. As part of our web specification, we offer MVA members the following as standard:

  • Initial flat design
  • Site map
  • Layout HTML/ CSS Build
  • General Structure and Content Management
  • General features
  • Website Installation and testing

It’s all well and good having a lovely website, but what’s the point if no one can find it? With this in mind, we would recommend exploring SEO considerations at the web design stage as ensure maximum online visibility for your new website. This would include the following for MVA members:

  • Starter park (one-off work)
  • Ongoing SEO (covered monthly retainer)

Branded Materials
Why not let us design some branded materials for your company? We provide a wide selection of branded literature for online as well as offline – ideal for you as a MVA member to get you noticed.

  • Design of stationery
  • Design of brochure
  • E-newsletter template

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Get in contact

raman_contact Raman Sehgal

T: 0191 222 1242

E: raman@ramarketingpr.com



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