MVA Chairman of the Board, Dr. Søren Bregenholt, appointed new CEO of Macrophage Pharma

    Macrophage Pharma Limited (‘MPL’), a company focused on the discovery and development of next-generation immunomodulatory small molecules inducing transcriptional reprofiling of macrophages to combat cancer and other diseases, announced today that it has appointed Dr Soren Bregenholt as Chief Executive Officer.

     “I am excited to join Macrophage Pharma as CEO. The Company’s unique and proprietary ESM™ technology platform is a compelling strategy for inducing transcriptional reprofiling of monocytes and macrophages and represents a differentiated approach to modulation of a centrally important regulator of the immune response across a variety of human diseases. I look forward to working with management and Board to unlock the full therapeutic and commercial potential of the technology in both cancer and non-cancer fields.” said Dr Søren Bregenholt, CEO of Macrophage Pharma in today´s press release from Macrophage Pharma.

    You can read more about British Macrophage Pharma here.  Dr Søren Bregenholt will continue to serve as chairman of the board of Medicon Valley Alliance, a position he has held since 2015.