MVA-member, Ascelia Pharma, publishes prospectus in connection with Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq Stockholm

    “Ascelia Pharma is in a very exciting phase, especially with our main product candidate Mangoral, which is approaching clinical Phase III development and market launch. Meanwhile, we are continuing the development of our second product candidate Oncoral, which completed Phase I development last year with promising results. The new issue secures funds for carrying out Phase III for Mangoral and commencing commercialization plans, thus enabling Ascelia Pharma to help those patients who cannot carry out an MRI with a contrast agent today. With Mangoral, the likelihood of finding liver metastases increases significantly, which is crucial for determining the right treatment method, which affects the patient’s chance of survival. The market for Mangoral is estimated to be USD 350-500 million yearly and within this patient segment Mangoral is expected to be the only product on the market.” says “Magnus Corfitzen, CEO of Ascelia Pharma

    Read  full press release here.