Apart from the different life science related stand-alone events such as Boost Seminars and Good Morning meetings, Medicon Valley Alliance also facilitates bi-national networks initiated and driven by our members and the secretariat collectively. To participate in the Medicon Valley Alliance networks your organization has to be a member of Medicon Valley Alliance. Once you have paid the member fee, network membership involves no additional costs. 
Medicon Valley Alliance Executive Club is our exclusive C-level network.  Participation is by invitation only, but all member companies can have 1 C-level employee added to the guest list. The Medicon Valley Alliance Executive Club meets twice a year for a dinner meeting with a relevant keynote speaker.

Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network is a network initiated by Danish and Swedish business and academia within the field of oncology. The ambition is to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge about oncology R&D in general and the challenges facing entrepreneurs within the fields oncology in particular.  Participation is open to all MVA-member companies and organizations. Non-members can attend the first meeting for free. The Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network meets 3-4 times a year and the hosting of the network meetings rotates among network members. The agenda for the individual network meetings are agreed with the network secretariat and the upcoming host.   

Medicon Valley Medtech Network is orchestrated by a mix of Swedish and Danish entities: Alteco Medical, Ideon Science Park, SAXOCON and Medicon Valley Alliance. With 3-4 meetings per year in either Skåne or the capital region of Denmark, the network aims to adress the challenges in a MedTech company’s growth as topics and enhance the networking opportunities within the field of medtech.

Medicon Valley Alliance R&D Network is a CSO/CMO network with Nordic perspective that Medicon Valley Alliance will set up together with Symphogen A/S, Alligator Bioscience AB and Medicon Village in 2018. More information to come.

Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Network: As a consequence of the growing interest in microbiome science identified at the MVA Microbiome Summit 2017, MVA will, together with the Technical University of Denmark, Lund University and Novo Nordisk, initiate a professional network of Danish and Swedish microbiome scientist and business developers working in drug discovery, nutrition and probiotic development. Our plan is for the first network meeting to take place in the beginning of 2018. More information to come.

If you want to know more or have an idea for a network that you would like to champion, please contact Helen Pettersson.