Apart from the different life science related stand-alone events such as Boost Seminars and Good Morning meetings, Medicon Valley Alliance also facilitates bi-national networks initiated and driven by our members and the secretariat collectively. To participate in the Medicon Valley Alliance networks your organization has to be a member of Medicon Valley Alliance. Once you have paid the member fee, network membership involves no additional costs. 
Medicon Valley Alliance Executive Club is our exclusive C-level network.  Participation is by invitation only, but all member companies can have 1 C-level employee added to the guest list. The Medicon Valley Alliance Executive Club meets twice a year for a dinner meeting with a relevant keynote speaker at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport.

Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network is a network initiated by Danish and Swedish business and academia within the field of oncology. The ambition is to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge about oncology R&D in general and the challenges facing entrepreneurs within the fields oncology in particular.  Participation is open to all MVA-member companies and organizations. Non-members can attend the first meeting for free. The Medicon Valley Alliance Oncology Network meets 3-4 times a year and the hosting of the networks meetings rotates among network members. Agenda´s for the individual network meetings are agreed with the network secretariat and the upcoming host.   

Medicon Valley Alliance furthermore expects to set up a CSO/Medical Director network in 2017. More information on this network will follow shortly.

If you want to know more or has an idea for a network that you would like to champion, please contact Helen Pettersson.