Competence Council Life Science

Welcome to Competence Council Life Science!

Region Skåne and Arbetsförmedlingen work together with cluster organizations and trade associations to support the future competence provision in the Medicon Valley region. A number of so-called Competence Councils have been established.  

At the request of Region Skåne and Arbetsförmedlingen, Medicon Valley Alliance is taking the lead in establishing and managing a Competence Council within the life science sector.

The objectives of the Competence Council Life Science are to:

  • analyse the regional stakeholders’ demands of competence 
  • identify the skill mismatch between the demands and the competences delivered by the regions’ education systems
  • contribute to efforts that will support and secure that the Medicon Valley region will be able to live up to future competence demands. 

We make these efforts in collaboration with Region Skåne, Arbetsförmedlingen, Multihelix, and representatives from industry, academia, and trade unions. 

For more information, please contact Helen Pettersson:

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