Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Network

Welcome to MVA Microbiome Network!

In the beginning of October, 2017, Medicon Valley, together with partners, held for the first time an international summit in the area of Microbiome research. Our ambition with Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Summit 2017 was to help raise the bar and increase opportunities for researchers from industry and academia to meet, and promote an area where the region has a high international competitive edge.

As a consequence of the growing interest in microbiome science identified at the MVA Microbiome Summit, MVA will, together with the Technical University of Denmark, Lund University and Novo Nordisk, initiate a professional network of Danish and Swedish microbiome scientist and business developers working in drug discovery, nutrition and probiotic development. Our plan is for the first network meeting to take place in the beginning of 2018.

If you have any interest in or questions about the upcoming network or want to sign up to the mailing list already now, do not hesitate to contact Senior Project Manager Helen Pettersson:

More information to come!

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