Previous events

Speakers and themes of previous Medicon Valley Medtech Network meetings can be viewed here:

June 11th, 2018:  4th Medicon Valley Medtech Network Meeting
Host: Medtech Innovation and SAXOCON ApS
Topic: Required steps to get your medical device on the market

February 27th, 2018:  3rd Medicon Valley Medtech Network meeting
Host: Ideon Science Park
Topic: What does it take to be successful in the Medtech industry?

October 23rd, 2017:  2nd Medicon Valley Medtech Network meeting
Hosts: Medtech Innovation and SAXOCON ApS
Topic: Vision of  the Medicon Valley Medtech Network

June 13th, 2017:  Medicon Valley Medtech Network lunch meeting
Hosts: Ideon Science park, Alteco Medical AB, and Medicon Valley Alliance
Topic: kick off-meeting for the Medicon Valley Medtech Network