Previous events

Speakers and themes of previous MVA Oncology Networks meetings can be viewed here:

4 June, 2020: 1st MVA Oncology Network webinar
-Partnering with AbbVie
Host: AbbVie

23 March, 2020: 9th MVA Oncology Network meeting – cancelled
– The future of oncology – treatments in multiple combinations.
Host: AbbVie

23 September, 2019: 8th MVA Oncology Network meeting
– Clinical development: Challenges, opportunities & what can we learn from each other?
Host: Clinical Studies Sweden – Forum South

9 April, 2019: 7th MVA Oncology Network meeting
– Oncology Animal Models
Host: Envigo

5 September, 2018:  6th MVA Oncology Network meeting
– Investor pitch evening
Host: Medicon Valley Alliance

9 April, 2018:  5th MVA Oncology Network Meeting
– Biomarkers: opportunities and challenges in oncology drug development
Host: Biopeople/Biomarkers as emerging growth area

20 November, 2017:  4th MVA Oncology Network meeting
– Pitch evening
Host: Alligator Bioscience

29 May, 2017:  3rd MVA Oncology Network meeting
– Clinical trials
Hosts: Medeon Science Park & Incubator and Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS)

30 January, 2017:  2nd MVA Oncology Network meeting
– The Genmab story!
Host: Lund University

12 September, 2016:  MVA Oncology Network kick-off meeting
– A first meeting with more than 40 organizations participating
Host: University of Copenhagen