News about the DiaUnion project made the headlines in DA & SE media

    The exiting news about EU’s Interreg grant for the type 1 diabetes project, DiaUnion, made the headlines in several Danish and Swedish media including but not limited to TV2 Lorry, Aftenbladet and News Øresund.

    The project will fund both closer cross-border research collaboration and support a joint Danish-Swedish effort targeted prevention and treatment. The ambition is also to explore opportunities for educational cooperation between the region’s universities, and a patient mobility agreement whereby patients in the region will be offered the optimal treatment, whether it is offered in Region Skåne or the Capital Region of Denmark. 

    Half of the project is funded by an EU grant of € 500,000, but the other half is funded by the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Skåne and Steno Diabetes Center.