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29 Nov

New Patient Mobility Agreement enables childless couples to get treatment in both Malmö and Copenhagen

Both Swedish and Danish patients with certain types of involuntary infertility can now receive specialized treatment in Malmö and Copenhagen. Region H and Region Skåne has reached an agreement regarding the Patient Mobility Agreement. The agreement enables patients from both

22 Nov

Strong EMA candidacy wasn´t enough – news piece with MVA CEO and MVA Chairman of the Board of Directors in Kemivärlden Biotech

“Strong EMA candidacy wasn´t enough” is the headline in the Swedish news piece in Kemivärlden Biotech, where both MVA CEO, Petter Hartman,  and MVA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Søren Bregenholt, are quoted and express their sincere hope that

20 Nov

The European Medicines Agency is moving to Amsterdam. Denmark lost the race!

Despite being among the favorites, it was not possible to convince enough of the other EU countries about the benefits of moving the European Medicines Agency from London to Copenhagen. “Based on purely objective criteria, Copenhagen was among the top

14 Nov

Kemivärlden Biotech: “Denmark boosts the entire Medicon Valley region” according to new State of Medicon Valley analysis”

Today, the Swedish life science magazine, Kemivärlden Biotech, published a story based on the conclusions from the recently published Medicon Valley analysis of Life Science in Greater Copenhagen, where we highlight important fact & figures about the development of our

13 Nov

Interview with MVA CEO, Petter Hartman, “South Swedish life science benefits from proximity to Denmark, and a decision to relocate the European Medicines Agency to Copenhagen would also benefit Sweden”

Friday, Medicon Valley Alliance, published its annual “State of Medicon Valley analysis“, documenting the latest developments and trends and pointing to the growing, mutually beneficial interdependence between the Danish and the South Swedish life science industry.  Listen to the interview

10 Nov

Keynote speaker, prof. Patrick Aebischer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, rocked the floor!

Keynote speaker, prof. Patrick Aebischer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, rocked the floor at today´s Medicon Valley Alliance annual meeting at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers with his spot-on recommendations for developing a successful life science cluster. Hopefully the Danish Minister for Industry,

08 Nov

Medicon Valley must do its very best to top the 2017 Bio Europe in Berlin

  Today as the delegates begin to fly back, the German host and the organizers of this year´s Bio Europe conference can look back at an exceptionally successful and well organized and well attended conference. Consequently, we here in Medicon

02 Nov

Does Medicon Valley have an incubator in the European top-15?

According to, the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry, the answer is yes!  rate Copenhagen BioScience Park (COBIS) in the top 15 incubators in Europe. Next door neighbors, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator and Gothenburg-based, BioVentureHub, also made the list!  

02 Nov

Which MVA-member company is among The 7 Best Biotech Companies in Europe’s History?, the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry, has put together a list of the best biotech companies in Europe to celebrate their invaluable contributions to science and the development of the booming industry biotech is today.  One MVA