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11 Apr

Ulf G Andersson, CEO of Medeon Science Park & Incubator, Malmö elected new vice-chairman of Medicon Valley Alliance

CEO, Petter Hartman, Morten Sommer, Ulf G. Andersson and Søren Bregenholt At the Medicon Valley Alliance´s Ordinary General Meeting 10th of April, Ulf G Andersson, CEO of Medeon Science Park & Incubator, Malmö was elected new vice-chairman of Medicon Valley Alliance. He

09 Apr

Don´t miss “Life science växer över sundet” in Swedish “Naturvetaren”

“Life science växer över sundet” is the title of the recently published in-depth article in Swedish “Naturvetaren” about the many benefits of Medicon Valley collaboration. If you are familiar with the Swedish language, we will encourage you to read it.

03 Apr

Spotlight on Sweden and Medicon Valley in “Nature”, the international journal of science

Medicon Valley Alliance has assisted the editors of Nature, the acknowledged international journal of science, with their recently published special edition “Spotlight on Sweden and Medicon Valley“. Among the articles, we specially recommend “How a bridge brought science closer together” featuring

27 Mar

Where are the most active European biotech venture capital firms located?

Which biotech venture capital firms in Europe have been most active in the past year and are likely to protagonize some of the biggest deals in European biotech in 2018? Where are they located? How do we open their eyes

16 Mar

The Medicon Valley Yearbook 2018 is out!

The Medicon Valley Yearbook 2018 has just been published. The Medicon Valley Alliance Chairman of the Board of Directors, Søren Bregenholt, Corporate Vice President, Global Research Strategy and Operations, Novo Nordisk, has used the editorial to strongly recommend that Danish

14 Mar

Danish foundation Lundbeckfonden awards The Brain Prize to four Alzheimer researchers

The four scientists are Bart De Strooper from Belgium, Michel Goedert from Luxembourg, Christian Haass from Germany and John Hardy from the UK. They are recognised for their highly specialised studies of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia disorders and are

06 Mar

MVA-member company, Ascelia Pharma, is considering listing on the stock exchange

According to the Danish CEO of Malmø-based, Ascelia Pharma, Magnus Corfitzen, the company, which has developed a contrast agent, Mangoral, that can replace the controversial agent Omniscan, are considering several options for funding the millions of dollars need for future studies. A

02 Mar

The Greater Copenhagen Life Science Talent Attraction campaign is now up and running!

Thanks to the following six companies, Novo Nordisk, FMC, Ascendis Pharma, DTU, 3Shape and CP Kelco, our friends at Copenhagen Capacity have been able to launch their very first Life Science Talent Campaign, enabling them to attract international life science

22 Feb

Construction of European Spallation Source (ESS) campus to start in the fall

  By the end of last week, agreements were signed that will allow construction of the ESS Campus to begin this fall. The campus buildings include 18 500 square metres of offices, laboratories and workshops. The ESS Campus will consist of