Prof. Thomas Arnebrant is the permanent representative of Malmö Universitet in the board of directors of the 300 member strong life science cluster organisation, Medicon Valley Alliance

    Following MVA´s Ordinary General Meeting Thursday afternoon, today´s article in Øresund News, highlights the fact that prof. Thomas Arnebrant and Malmö University have now upgraded their involvement and engagement in the Swedish-Danish life science cluster and now share the same rights and
    privileges as long-term members and founding fathers, Lund University and University of Copenhagen.

    At the Ordinary General Meeting, MVA CEO, Petter Hartman, furthermore reported an alltime high growth of 50 new members in 2019. Apart from the universities and regional authorities, MVA has more than 300 members including but not limited to Danish, Swedish, Nordic and European biotech, medtech and pharmaceutical companies, international companies, CRO´s, CMO´s, patent agencies, recruitment agencies, incubators, embassies and trade delegations and a variety of other service providers all creating value for our unique binational life science ecosystem