Safe and Alive Foundation and the Nest international´s Tuesday Medical Clinic for foreign women in prostitution

Name of project: Safe and Alive Foundation and the Nest international´s Tuesday Medical Clinic for foreign women in prostitution

Project managers:
Malene Muusholm, The Nest International (maternity leave) 
Maja Øllgaard Nielsen, The Nest Internationalfoto pige
David Munis Zepernick, Safe and Alive Foundation

Project mission statement:
The Tuesdays Clinic aims at providing the very vulnerable group of foreign women in prostitution in Copenhagen easy access to basic healthcare, including diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. The Tuesdays Clinic is a slightly older “female only” “sister clinic” to the Health Clinic for undocumented migrants.  

Project description: 
Apart from addressing the target groups specific healthcare needs (as a consequence of their status as undocumented migrants they do not have equal access to public healthcare), the Tuesday Clinic also serves at a unique point of contact for trafficked women, where the relevant social authorities can reach out and provide help and protection, if the woman demands it. Consequently, the Tuedays clinic has been able to facilitate and assist particularly women of Romanian descent with not only numerous healthcare related services, but also protection, a safe journey home and a new start.

The Tuesday Clinic´s opening hours are Tuedays 18.00-20:00 every week, and the 10-15 pro bono working healthcare professionals (Doctors, nurses, midwifes, psychologist etc.) have about 250 – 300 annual consultations and have diagnosed and initiated treatment on a variety of sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. The womens country of origin is predominantly Romanian (25 %) and Nigerian (25 %).
Working successfully with this very limited budget is possible, because the project is based on pro bono voluntary work as regards administrative as well as healthcare related services, and no fixed cost as regards housing etc., as the project facilities are provided free of charge by The Nest International and The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking.

Project start:
June 2010

Project finish:
When there is no longer an urgent demand for the clinic´s services. (With + 200 annual consultations the demand unfortunately appears to be rather stabile)  
Project location:
Colbjørnsensgade 12, kld., 1652, Kbh. V

Annual project budget:
250.000 DKK

Ideal CSR partner profile:
Phamaceutical Company specializing in sexually transmitted diseases or aspects of women’s health

Earlier/existing sponsors/partners:
GSK, Nordeafonden, Amnesty International, Municipality of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Lions Club, Aase og Ejnar Danielsen Fond, Merkur Fonden

Contact info:
Chairman of the board of Safe and Alive foundation
David Munis Zepernick
Phone +45 23 69 70 34

Project web: (In Danish)