Søren Bregenholt and Ulf G. Andersson re-elected as chairman and vice chairman of the Medicon Valley Alliance Board of Directors

    At yesterday´s ordinary general meeting, MVA CEO Petter Hartman,  highlighted some of the key challenges and succes stories from 2018, including the fact that the MVA-family had the pleasure of welcoming 48 new members and saw a 20% increase in participants at MVA events. Furthermore, MVA has succeeded in getting funding for some very exiting projects with great impact on the region’s triple helix.

    The newly elected MVA Board of Directors continues to be chaired by Søren Bregenholt, Chief Business Officer at IO Biotech, and Ulf G. Andersson, CEO of Medeon Science Park. MVA would like to thank former board member and vice chairman, Morten Sommer, Chief Scientific Officer, AntibioTX for his dedicated effort and valuable contribution to Medicon Valley.