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About MVA

MVA’s Mission and Focus Areas

Who we are

We are a non-profit member-based cluster organisation for Medicon Valley, the bi-national life science cluster spanning eastern Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden. You can read more about us here.


Our mission is to represent, strengthen and position Medicon Valley as the most competitive and vibrant life science cluster in the EU.

Key focus areas

To serve our members and support the thriving of Danish and Swedish life science, we at MVA focus on the following four areas:

  • Enabling networking, business development & knowledge-sharing opportunities anchored in the regional life science ecosystem through professionally managed flagship events, conferences and seminars, thematic networks and commercial and R&D-related presentations;
  • Facilitating collaborations and partnerships through strategic projects and initiatives that are anchored in areas of strategic importance to Medicon Valley;
  • Providing fact-based insights into Medicon Valley in terms of its development and competitive position, and the synergies between Danish and Swedish life science, to key political, industrial and academic stakeholders and decision-makers, through yearly and thematic reports;
  • Communicating the value of the Medicon Valley perspective, its success stories, and its importance to Danish and Swedish life science by having regional, national and international reach through various media channels, conferences, and in all we do.

We are especially committed to strengthening collaborations in the following areas, to enable innovative and effective solutions that benefit human health and society, and a stronger and more vibrant Medicon Valley:

  • Across borders between Denmark and Sweden in Medicon Valley, and between Denmark, Sweden and the Nordic countries in general
  • Across the quadruple helix, i.e. across industry, academia, public sector / clinical environments, and civic society
  • Across disciplines within life science, and
  • Across fields, bridging life science with relevant fields such as food, ICT, etc.

 Medicon Valley Alliance – We are stronger, together.