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Date:10 Dec
Time:9:00 - 18:40
Contact person
Nicole Mastrell

Nicole Mastrell

Event Manager & PA to CEO


+45 6141 8634

20th Annual Genesis Conference

Deals, Treatments and Patients in the 20s

Under the overarching theme of Deals, Treatments and Patients in the 20s, our 20th Annual Genesis Conference will take place on 10 December, digitally at this stage, whilst we wait for government advice for larger gatherings.

The event will assemble senior executives and decision-makers from across the Life Science, Technology and Investment field to present, discuss and demonstrate their collective insight and thought leadership for the sector, themselves and their stakeholders.

In recent years, the structure of the industry, development of technologies and evolving role of patients have been transformational for the sector. Wider diversity in industry players involved, more convergence with the digital world and technology, the increasing strategic role played by data, better understanding of disease biology, to name a few are transforming the way our industry is funded, organised, valued and ultimately its outcome adopted.

2020 has taught us that even the best crystal ball can be wrong! Here is not an intention to predict how the next 20 years of the industry will look like but to understand it now in order to be as prepared as we can be for what is coming.

Date: 10th December 2020
Time: 9:00 – 18:40
Venue: On-line


Keynote Sessions
• Winners and Losers 2020
• Industry Keynote Speakers – Accelerating R&D
• Communicating the Value of Life Sciences to All Stakeholders
• How are Pharma Deals Evolving?
• Converging Science and Technology
• Towards 2040 – What Will Shape Our Industry?

Parallel Streams

Understanding Deals
This stream will discuss major 2020 industry deals to help understand the sector strategic developments in the years to come.

Developing Treatments
This stream will review some of the most exciting technologies in biotech and how they can materialise in breakthrough therapeutics, such as:

• Innovation in Neuroscience Discovery
• Advanced Therapeutics Approaches in Anti-infectious Diseases
• Improving Precision Medicine With Gut Microbiome

Delivering with Patients
This stream will review how the therapeutics offer is evolving with a more comprehensive approach including diagnostics, digital health and patient feedback. It will include:

• Diagnostics – What Information for Which Patient?
• The Modern Era of Clinical Trial Design
• Digital Health Delivery in Action

• Networking and 1 to 1 meetings with delegates from across the international Life Science and Healthcare industry
• ‘Around the World in …’ – A stream to review the hot spots in hot therapeutic areas
• Fireside Chats with key opinion leaders
• Innovation Workshops
• BioNewsRound Award voting and final
• Biotech Rising Stars pitches