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Date:07 Nov
Venue:Stockholm, Sweden


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Michael Linnell

Bioscience – Research & Diagnostics through innovative Technologies

A world without diseases – science fiction or a reality? One thing is certain – we are getting closer to it and it starts in the lab with the scientists using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Welcome to Bioscience 2024 – the 12th annual edition of our international partnering event, where we address the major challenges and the latest research findings. Engage in fruitful meetings, visit our lively exhibition and listen to highly topical seminars led by some of the key figures in this exciting field. Topics include microbiome in cardiovascular diseases, a new treatment for obesity, the potential to cure currently uncurable diseases with cell therapy, and much more. Some 300 delegates are expected at this year’s event. Amongst the target audience are researchers, PI’s, professors, lab technicians, biomedical analysts, lab equipment procurement officers and pharmaceutical industry staff.

As a registered participant, you will have the opportunity to browse all attendees (including partners and exhibitors) and request one-to-one meetings on-site using our online partnering platform, Meeting Mojo. Login details and instructions will be distributed to all registered participants, starting 2 weeks before the event date.

Date: 7 November, 2024
Time: 9.00
Venue: Life City Solnavägen 3H, Stockholm

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