Event info
Date:24 May
Time:2 Days
Venue:Centre for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism, Lübeck

BioTec & MedTec Partnering Mission, Lübeck

We cordially invite you to join us in this year‘s BioTec & MedTec Partnering Mission. This networking and match-making event consists of two parts:


Visit to the Lübeck BioMedTec Science Campus, and in particular the brand new Centre for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) research building.


Match-making: Present your organization in a pitch presentation (no slides!) with rollup, or poster. You will meet one-on-one with partners matching your business needs.

Date: 24- 25 May 2016
Time: 17:30 on the 24th to 15:15 on the 25th May 2016
Venue: Centre for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism, CBBM Marie-Curie-Straße, 23562 Lübeck
Who should join: Industry and research organisations in the BioTec and MedTec sectors in the Fehmarnbelt-Öresung region (Hamburg, Lübeck, Copenhagen, Malmö, Lund) – and beyond.


You may combine attending the partnering mission on 25 May 2016 with the evening barbecue partnering/reception 24 May 2016.

Why should I attend the Partnering Mission?
You are working in southern Scandinavia, and are looking for partners in Germany, or into the large German health market? Take a thorough look at Lübeck – the first life science stronghold south of the Danish border!
You are working in northern Germany, and are looking for Scandinavian innovation partners, or entry into the innovation-affine northern markets? Find the right matches during the Lübeck Partnering Mission!


Biopeople contact: Elias Zafirakos

Organizer: Biopeople, IHK zu Lübeck, Life Science Nord, Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Skåne, Danske Erhverv, BioMedTec Wissenschaftscampus