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Date:27 Nov - 29 Nov
Venue:Malmö, Sweden


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This is an external event. If you have any questions please follow the read more link and contact the organizer.

EAI PervasiveHealth 2023

17th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

PervasiveHealth is a premier international forum with a specific focus on technologies and human factors related to the use of ubiquitous computing in healthcare and for wellbeing. The overall goal of the PervasiveHealth conference is to take a multidisciplinary approach to Pervasive Healthcare, technology, research and development. PervasiveHealth is addressing a broad scope of research topics and concerns: identify and understand problems from a technological, social, medical, and legal as well as financial perspective (with a particular emphasis on understanding and supporting patient and practitioner needs), design, implementation, and evaluation of supporting hardware and software infrastructures, algorithms, services and applications, and organizational strategies that facilitate integration of Pervasive Healthcare technology into the healthcare enterprise. The PervasiveHealth conference this year will focus on the use of smart technologies such as werable devices, mobile phones, sensors, Internet of Things, and medical devices to monitor patients in the hospital, at home and in the community as well as interventions made possible by these technologies such as behavioral interventions and digital therapies.

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