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Date:17 Apr - 19 Apr
Venue:AF-Borgen Sandgatan 2, Lund, Sweden 
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This is an external event. If you have any questions please follow the sign up link and contact the organizer.

Lund Stem Cell Center 20th Anniversary Conference

For 20 years, Lund Stem Cell Center has remained committed to excellence in stem cell research and training the next generation of scientists in order to make stem cell therapies a reality of tomorrow.

In honor of our growth and achievements made since our founding, we invite you to join us at our Anniversary Conference which celebrates 20 years of excellence in stem cell research.
Here we gather experts from the fields of stem cell research to participate in a three day conference at AF Borgen, Lund University, Sweden. Participation comes with a fee that includes the cost of refreshments on day 1, and lunch and coffee breaks on days 2 and 3. We particularly encourage junior scientists to join the conference. Discount is offered for Ph.D. students.

Registration for the conference is secured via payment of the appropriate registration fee.

Date: 17th – 19th of April 2023
Venue: AF-Borgen, Sandgatan 2, Lund, Sweden


Registration deadline for Lund Stem Cell Center 20th Anniversary Conference 15th of February 2023

The closing date for abstract submission is 15th January 2023.
Abstracts will be reviewed by a committee, and the author will be notified of acceptance by 1st February 2023. To read more about the abstract submission follow this link 

This unique gathering will bring together leading researchers from around the world to discuss the latest developments in stem cell science and regenerative medicine. The event is planned around four key themes: Stem Cell Biology, Stem Cells and their Niches, Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine, and Stem Cell Technologies. The complete program can be accessed via this like

Welcoming scientists from all over the world to Lund – a place known for its great ideas, and where the possibilities for cross-disciplinary research and innovative partnerships are abundant.