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Date:09 Feb
Time:11.00-12.00 CET
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This is an external event. If you have any questions please follow the sign up link and contact the organizer.

Making better data-driven decisions in Science and Engineering

Scientists and engineers working in R&D and Production are collecting more data than ever before. The challenge is to bring the data together from various sources, analyse it to discover trends and patterns, and make better data-based decisions.

Lilian Monahan from Fujifilm will share how exploratory data analysis enables continuous improvement of processes and allows non-data scientists to better understand and communicate their findings, while also getting a clear visualization.

We will speak about best practices in data exploration and data analytics and share a simple and efficient way of accessing, preparing, visually exploring, and analysing data from a variety of formats – including spreadsheets – to enable a deeper and better understanding of processes and products.

Date: 9 February
Time: 11:00–12:00 CET | 10:00–11:00 GMT
Location: Online (Zoom)
Registration: Free

Key takeaways:

  • Why accessing and preparing data or analysis is a crucial first step
  • How to speed up your analysis significantly and come to conclusions faster in an easy-to-use way, without coding
  • How to speed up processes with data-driven decision making while saving time and money
  • How non-data scientis can interpret data more easily and make better decisions

This event will be of interest for scientists and engineers who wish to quickly gain a deeper insight into the trends of their data and the impact it has on products and processes.