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Date:23 May
Time:9:30 - 16:00
Venue:Online or at the Danish National Institute of Public Health
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Nicole Mastrell

Nicole Mastrell

Event Manager & PA to CEO


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MATOMIC kick-off event

All are welcome to attend the MATOMIC kick-off event.

MATOMIC is one out of only two awarded grants for mathematical modelling research projects in 2021 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and focuses on research combining mathematical modeling, chemistry, computational methods, and cell studies for understanding human health; specifically, how the composition of gut bacteria affects health.

Date: Monday, 23 May
Time: 9:30 – 16:00
Venue: virtually, or live at the National Institute of Public Health (Studiestræde 6, Copenhagen).

Deadline to register for in-person participation and lunch is 17 May.




Project abstract

Perturbation in the composition of gut bacteria has been linked to the development of many diseases and disorders, including obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases. Assuming that changing the composition of the gut microbiome may counteract the development of these diseases or perhaps even cure them therefore seems reasonable.

While therapeutic microbial communities show huge potential for a basis of new living treatments, mathematical modelling of functionality and stability of intestinal microbial communities is basically lacking. Within this project we will use a variety of mathematical modelling approaches, chosen for their potential of automated coarse graining between different levels of abstraction and predictive power with respect to wet-lab experiments. Modelling compounds and reactions on atomic details using graph transformations is essential for the design and interpretation of isotope labelling experiments, and enables a direct verification of compound fluxes using mass spectrometry.

Consequently, we will combine such metabolic modelling techniques with experimental cultivation of microbiomes of varying complexity for the successful design of stable microbial communities for therapeutic use.

Find out more: https://www.sdu.dk/en/forskning/matomic

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