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Date:22 Sep
Time:2 Days
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Oncology Virtual Partnering Event

Oncology Virtual Partnering Event: Where the best science comes to meet

A record number of new oncology drugs has been approved in recent years, bringing new treatment options to patients.

We are seeing more targeted therapies, even for niche indications, with several therapeutic options to address the same molecular targets. The types of treatments being developed range from chemotherapy, small molecules and oral drug formulations all the way to cancer vaccines, immune cell therapies, cytokine modulation and monoclonal antibodies.  Despite robust levels of pipeline activity, oncology remains one of the most challenging areas for research and development where the competition is high, the risk of failure is significant, and the timeline from bench to bedside is long. In the development phase, there are critical junctures where the right environment is crucial for success.

This is where partnering can increase the chances for the best science to come to fruition. For many early-stage biotech companies, this means avoiding the ‘valley of death’. For biopharmaceutical companies, this means finding the treatments that improve patient lives.

At Inova, the  aim is to accelerate partnering by facilitating the bridge between science and business. Inova in collaboration with BIO, are organizing a 3-day virtual partnering event on oncology, where researchers, biotech companies and business development executives from biopharmaceutical companies will be able to network in a virtual space.

Through one-on-one meetings, they will discuss the latest research from oncology congresses, pitch ideas and partner to prioritize research efforts that hold the most promise.

Cancer is not just one disease but many, each with its own characteristics, risk factors, causes and treatments. This complexity calls for an incredible effort to decipher the disease and to drive innovation in oncology. We believe this is a unique opportunity for the scientific and business community to connect, for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Date: 22 – 24. September 2020
Venue: On-line

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Who will attend?

The virtual partnering event in oncology is open to any organization that provides product, knowledge or technologies that can help advance the oncology pipeline.
The deployment of successful solutions requires the engagement and implication of multiple stakeholders.

The Virtual Partnering Event will bring these stakeholders together to pursue:

• Potential R&D collaborations
• Early stage discovery collaboration
• Drug repurposing
• Biological markers and diagnostic tests
• Adjuvants, carrier systems, and formulation technologies
• Tools for research projects
• Animal and in-silico models
• Funding and investors
• Partners for clinical trials

About Inova

Inova Software accelerates partnering for the future of medicine. Over 150 life science companies, including 50% of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies already use Inova’s cloud platform. They secure licensing and collaboration opportunities, accelerate deal making and successfully manage their alliances.
Inova Software also provides One-on-One Partnering, the market leading partnering & matchmaking platform that facilitates thousands of face-to-face meetings at dozens of biopharma conferences worldwide including the BIO International Convention and BIO Asia. For instance, in the weeks before the BIO International Convention, 4,000 biopharma companies connect online, list their technologies and capabilities, and request meetings with potential partners. By the time the Convention opens thousands of relevant meetings are scheduled – almost 50,000 at BIO Convention 2019 alone.

About BIO

BIO is the world’s largest biotechnology organization, providing advocacy, business development and communications services for more than 1,200 members worldwide. Our mission is to be the champion of biotechnology and the advocate for our member organizations—both large and small.
BIO members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology technologies. Corporate members range from entrepreneurial companies developing a first product to Fortune 100 multinationals. We also represent state and regional biotech associations, service providers to the industry and academic centers.


For more information, please contact:
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