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3 Q & A Interview with Dr. Thomas Pfeuffer, Manager Business Development API and Richa Foster-Jones – Area Sales Director, new MVA-member, Fareva

Mar 5, 2024

1) What brought you to MVA?

Our decision to join MVA stems from the recognition that while Fareva has established valuable partnerships in the Nordics, there is still room for increased visibility and engagement within the region. Despite our existing relationships with both start-ups and prominent pharmaceutical companies, we believe that by aligning with MVA, we can enhance our presence in the vibrant start-up scene and further strengthen our connections. MVA provides an invaluable platform for networking, collaboration, and exposure to new opportunities. We are enthusiastic about leveraging the resources and community offered by MVA to not only deepen our ties with the start-up ecosystem but also to elevate awareness of Fareva in the Nordics, tapping into the region’s vast potential

2) What are the top three key features of Fareva?

The top three key features of Fareva can be summarized as follows:

Family-Owned and Financially Independent: Fareva distinguishes itself by being a completely family-owned enterprise, ensuring 100% financial independence. This unique aspect reflects a commitment to the family spirit, fostering long-term relationships with customers. This stability and independence provide a solid foundation for trust and collaboration.

Comprehensive Expertise in API Development and Manufacturing: Fareva offers extensive expertise in the development and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). This encompasses a wide range, from conventional to high-potent APIs, hormones, steroids, and advanced techniques such as spray drying and micronization. The company’s capabilities span from small-scale production to multi-ton manufacturing, covering the entire spectrum of API needs.

One-Stop-Shop Concept for Drug Product Development and Manufacturing: Fareva’s one-stop-shop concept is a distinctive feature aimed at providing customers with a comprehensive service package. In addition to API, this includes Drug Product (DP) development at 3 GMP Pilots and 16 Manufacturing sites for various dosage forms, such as solid, liquid, and semi-liquid, including injectables. The integrated approach minimizes operational complexities, improves flexibility, and enhances overall performance. Customers benefit from a streamlined experience, dealing with a single company for aspects like API/FDF quantities, timelines, manufacturing, release, shipping, and more. Fareva’s team of experts supports clients throughout the entire product life cycle, ensuring a seamless and efficient partnership.

3) What are main trends/challenges in the next couple of years?

The main trends and challenges anticipated in the next couple of years include:

Supply Chain Disruptions and Global Events: The volatility in global events and potential disruptions to supply chains continue to be significant challenges. Ongoing geopolitical uncertainties, public health crises, and other unforeseen events may impact the stability and efficiency of supply networks. Companies need to remain agile and resilient to navigate these uncertainties successfully.

Climate Change Mitigation: Progressing climate change poses a considerable challenge, and companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable practices. Fareva is actively addressing this challenge by focusing on the decarbonization of its group. This involves initiatives such as adopting green chemistry and implementing net-zero emission programs. Sustainability efforts are becoming crucial not only for compliance but also for corporate responsibility and reputation.

Integration of New Technologies: The rapid evolution of technology introduces both opportunities and challenges. Staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. Fareva’s commitment to continuous industrial investment, as evidenced by the substantial financial commitment in 2022 (110 M€), reflects a strategic approach to keeping up with technological advancements. This investment ensures that the company can embrace new technologies, enhance services, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

In summary, while challenges persist, Fareva’s optimistic outlook is grounded in its proactive approach, substantial industrial investments, and commitment to sustainability. Navigating the complexities of global events, climate change, and technology integration requires strategic foresight and continuous adaptation, areas in which Fareva is investing to secure a successful future.



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