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3 Q& A Interview with MVA-member ProPharma Group President Jason DeGoes

Nov 7, 2023

Q1: Being an American company, how did you first learn about the Medicon Valley cluster?

ProPharma Group is headquartered in the US, but we are very much a global organization, and our Sweden-based team has been supporting the needs of our Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device customers in the Nordics for more than 20 years.  When deciding to expand our presence in the Öresund region, opening an office in Medicon Village was an easy decision. Being part of the largest Life Science Hub in the Nordics gives us access to a thriving community of professionals and increased space for innovation and collaboration. We believe our new location will not only benefit our team, but also enable us to better serve our clients and provide them with the personalized solutions they need to be successful.

Q2: Why have ProPharma Group decided to join Medicon Valley Alliance?

We were attracted to MVA’s mission to have Medicon Village be the most competitive and vibrant life science cluster in Europe, and we are eager to add our voice to that collective organization.  We have always looked to align our company with best and brightest leaders in the life sciences, and the multi-disciplinary nature of MVA is consistent with ProPharma’s science driven business philosophy.

Q3: What do you consider your most important must win battles?

ProPharma’s ambition is to become the most admired and rapidly evolving life sciences consulting company globally, always with an emphasis on more proficiently serving our clients in the dynamic life sciences industry. At the heart of this mission is our commitment to improving patient health and safety. To meet these towering goals, ProPharma must utilize our deep domain expertise to assist companies at every juncture of the product lifecycle. Attracting and retaining premier talent is crucial, as is leveraging emerging technologies that enable our teams to become as efficient as possible to meet the evolving needs of sponsors. Our knowledgeable subject matter experts and top-tier strategists collaborate intimately with our clients, formulating optimal solutions that prime them for sustainable development and growth– and be able to do this with speed and consistency, at scale. These are the things we are focused on each and every day at ProPharma.

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