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3 Q&A Interview with Carlos Claro, Senior Vice President of new MVA-member, CIBT / Blair Consular

Jan 9, 2024

Q1: With CIBT / Blair Consular Services already serving many clients within Medicon Valley, what prompted the decision to join the Medicon Valley Alliance?

Joining the Medicon Valley Alliance was a strategic move driven by our desire to deepen our engagement with the life science industry. We already have a significant client base here, including 30 of the top 50 pharma companies and assisting 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. Our membership of MVA allows us to be closer to these clients, understand their unique needs more intimately, enabling us to serve them more effectively. Additionally, our close relationship with Danish Industry and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce reinforces our commitment to the region and its business ecosystem.

Q2: What specific advantages does CIBT / Blair Consular Services bring to Medicon Valley Alliance members, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector?

We specialize in Global Regulatory Document Legalization, offering our clients a dedicated team that provides detailed information on process requirements, costs, and processing times. Our expertise in Regulatory Document Submissions is another key advantage; we streamline the preparation of CPP requests and EudraGMDP documents, significantly saving time and costs for our clients. These services are particularly beneficial for Medicon Valley members in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry.

Q3: How does CIBT / Blair Consular Services plan to address the logistical challenges faced by Medicon Valley members in the current global environment?

A major part of our service involves the Physical Movement of Documents. We manage everything from collection and submission to local health authorities, printing and delivering, managing logistics overseas, and handling of payments on our clients’ behalf. Our approach is to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that addresses the logistical complexities our clients face, ensuring their operations remain seamless and efficient in any global environment.

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