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3 Q&A Interview with Torben Thers Nørgaard General Manager, Cencora Pharmalex Nordic

Apr 2, 2024

Q1) What do you think are the most unique characteristics of the Medicon Valley life science cluster and the life science in Denmark and Sweden as such?

Medicon Valley is the heart of Nordic life science. Positioned strategically between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, Medicon Valley offers easy access to key markets, facilitating business expansion and international collaboration. There is lots of science parks, incubators, and innovation hubs for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. The region benefits from a highly skilled and diverse talent pool, with access to professionals in various fields including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology.

Denmark and Sweden both have vibrant life science industries characterized by innovation, collaboration, and a strong focus on sustainability, making them attractive hubs for research and development in the field. Both countries boast world-class universities and research institutions conducting cutting-edge life science research. Denmark and Sweden also have efficient healthcare systems that facilitate clinical trials and access to healthcare data for research purposes, enabling faster development and implementation of new treatments and technologies. Both Denmark and Sweden have well-established regulatory frameworks conducive to life science innovation, providing a supportive environment for product development and commercialization.

Q2) What are in your view the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to product commercialization?

To successfully commercialize a medicinal or medtech product companies need to, early in their development phase, understand the regulatory requirements to avoid underestimating the regulatory hurdles, identify a clear value proposition, and overlooking post-launch monitoring and adaptation. Additionally, they need to conduct market research to understand the competitive landscape, target audience, market dynamics and decision makers willingness to pay for their asset.

 Q3) What are Cencora Pharmalex key objectives for your operations in the Nordics?

We help global pharma, medtech and biotech companies to bring their products to the Nordic market but we are also committed to building bridges for local companies to global markets. We help our clients to navigate the complex regulatory landscape in the Nordics, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards for marketing authorisations, registrations and launches. We provide expertise in product development, commercialization, and market access strategies tailored to the specific needs of the Nordic markets. We guide clients from early strategic planning activities and non-clinical requirements through clinical development, regulatory submission processes and maintenance activities across the world.

LinkedIn: Torben Thers Nørgaard

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