Lund-based, Follicum, and COBIS-based, Orphazymes, highlighted on the Labiotech-list “20 European Biotech Companies to Follow in 2020”

Jan 21, 2020

Leading European Biotech online media,, includes two Medicon Valley based companies in their recently published top-20 list “20 European Biotech Companies to Follow in 2020

MVA-member, Lund-based Follicum, which was founded in 2011, develops peptide drugs intended to treat hair loss and diabetes. In 2020, the company plans to start a phase I trial with a drug that has shown potential to stimulate the secretion of insulin and delay the onset of type 1 diabetes. Follicum is also preparing for the start of a phase II trial testing its hair growth treatment. 

Danish, Orphazyme, develops therapies for rare diseases that impair the correct folding of proteins, and therefore their function. In 2020, the company will be filing for its first marketing authorization, concerning a treatment for Niemann-Pick disease, in both Europe and the US. Orphazyme also expects to be reporting results from a phase II trial in Gaucher disease.

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