Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution


Since 1994, the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution has provided courses, counselling, mediation, conflict analysis and group processes for both public and private sector organisations in and outside Denmark.


MVA members will get 15 % discount on courses in practical conflict resolution and conflict coaching


Objectives and benefits of the two courses

A strong and effective culture of conflict resolution reduces sick leave and stress levels and improves co-operation and work-life satisfaction. The courses improve the participants’ individual skills in this regard and together the participants are enabled to change a culture of conflict escalation to a culture of de-escalation.

1. Course in practical conflict resolution

A two days introduction to practical conflict resolution. The participants will be introduced to a number of practical tools to understand and deal with work-place conflicts. The training is highly practical and the participants will be given an opportunity to work with conflicts relevant to their own context through exercises and reflection sessions.

The exclusive MVA-member price is only 26.000 DKK with a maximum of 12 participants (excl. venue, meals and VAT).  This is equivalent to 2.166 DKK per participant (with a total of 12 participants).

2. Course in conflict coaching

A four days course including an introduction to practical conflict resolution and the role of the conflict coach. The course contains the same elements as the course in practical conflict resolution with two additional days of practical exercises and tools on how to assist colleagues in resolving their conflicts through conflict coaching or counselling. This enables the participants to help decrease the general level of tension and conflict in their workplace.

The exclusive MVA-member price is only 52.000 DKK (excl. venue, meals and VAT).  This is equivalent to 4.333 DKK per participant (with a total of 12 participants). The courses are held in either Danish/Scandinavian or English depending on the participants requirements.

Customer referencesnr
Please find below a list of selected life science and healthcare industry organisations (and Medicon Valley Alliance members) whose staff has participated in our courses:

  • Ferrosan Medical Devices
  • LEO Pharma
  • Novo Nordic
  • Oticon
  • Region Sealand
  • Region Copenhagen
  • Steno Diabetes Centre
  • University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Drug Design and Pharmacology
  • Widex
  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals



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