OnDeckBiotech & MVA
Medicon Valley Alliance strives to increase the global attractiveness and competitiveness of both Medicon Valley as a region and our members. To that end, we recently announced a partnership with OnDeckBiotech to accelerate enhance the global access to MVA-member service providers (e.g. CROs and CMOs) and to accelerate outsourcing partnerships for MVA-member biotech/pharma companies and contract service providers.

The platform is free to join and there is absolutely no cost to identify, communicate with, and contract with a service provider.  Service providers only pay a fee if and when they receive business with new sponsors.

MVA Member Benefits

Discounted transaction fees for Contract Service Providers
Complimentary support from an OnDeck Dedicated Advisor

Detailed information on the member benefits is presented below

About OnDeckBiotech
Boston-based OnDeckBiotech combines an online platform with a community of world-class contract service providers and sponsors to streamline the market for outsourced R&D services. A brief overview of the OnDeck platform can be seen here:


For Biotech and Pharma
For Biotech and Pharma, OnDeck is a resource to identify and communicate directly with a community of high quality service providers covering discovery through commercialization. On the platform users can search for specific capabilities, review detailed company profiles, and execute confidentiality agreements to initiate conversations quickly and securely. There is absolutely no cost to use the portal to find, evaluate, or partner with service providers.

For Service Providers
For service providers, OnDeck is a unique channel to raise global awareness for their services and to ensure that study sponsors have direct, hassle-free access to discuss upcoming projects.  Service provider companies maintain a company profile that includes an overview of services, background documents such as brochures and facilities tours, introductions to key personnel (with LinkedIn profiles), and client testimonials.

MVA Member Benefit Details
In partnership, MVA and OnDeckBiotech have developed a package of benefits unique to MVA members. Each MVA member is entitled to join OnDeckBiotech, create a profile, and access the platform free of charge.

For MVA members seeking to identify a service provider for an upcoming project, OnDeckBiotech provides free access to a Dedicated Advisor. The OnDeck Dedicated Advisor serves as an extension to your team to help you navigate the OnDeck community and connect with the resources you require.

For service providers, OnDeckBiotech normally charges a transaction fee if and when new business is established with a new client. The transaction fee model ensures that (1) use is free of risk and obligation and (2) our incentives are aligned with the network – to help members establish long-term and profitable business relationships. MVA members are entitled to the following discounts when a transaction fee would normally apply*.


Fees & Discounts

 Standards Fees*Discounts for MVA Members
Transaction Between Member of MVA and Non-Member2-4% of payments received15% discount from standard fees
Transactions Between Two Members of MVA2-4% of payments received30% discount from standard fees

*please visit www.ondeckbiotech.com/terms for the full OnDeckBiotech terms of service.

Questions about the platform? Please contact support@ondeckbiotech.com
Questions about the MVA-membership benefits? Please contact dz@mva.org

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