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MVA Member Benefits

All MVA members receive exclusive access to Patsnap’s full suite of products at a special 10% discount.

Let’s accelerate the entire innovation lifecycle with advanced AI

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to supercharge your research, development and IP processes.
As an MVA member, enjoy exclusive 10% savings on Patsnap’s full suite of innovation intelligence solutions.
Patsnap is a leader in AI-powered patent analytics, helping innovators accelerate idea generation, strengthen freedom-to-operate clearance, uncover competitive insights, and more. Through intuitive collaborative workspaces and proprietary technologies like PatentDNA, innovative teams are streamlining workflows and uncovering actionable opportunities from a universe of over 180 million patents.

Meet Patsnap Synapse – AI-Powered Pharm Intelligence

You can now access drugs, clinical trials, patents, literatures, and news in one search.

Our life sciences intelligence platform with integrated access to pharmaceutical databases houses vast amounts of curated drug, clinical, patent, and research information in one centralized location, enabling you to:

  • Stay informed throughout the drug discovery and development lifecycle.
  • Gain insight into a company’s top focus areas, explore its drug pipeline, view its investment history, and more.
  • Anticipate potential threats and identify whitespace with a 360-degree view of a company, market, or technology area.
  • Uncover relationships between entities, gain competitor insights, and identify emerging trends with customizable dashboards.