Communication Assesment by Relevans

Communication is the lifeblood of a business organization that sends and delivers messages to employees, the public and other businesses. When communication is delivered effectively, it increases employee satisfaction, customer retention, company value and image.

Relevans communication assessment will help the business organization to identify areas of communication weakness and strength. The assessment is performed in an “outside and in view” and intend to give recommendations for the organization in order to make communication more productive and effective. The communication assessment is performed by a Senior Advisor from Relevans and is a combination of interviews and observations based on current available data and information from the client.

The assessment will explore a specific agreed area of communication and evaluate the business organization from different perspectives such as; uniqueness, key messages, positioning, concistency, brand strategy and ongoing measurement and monitoring. The assessment report will give a better understanding of the ways in which the client can improve and strengthen their communication. The results will help them to decide what needs to be done and why, how they should do it and when to do it.

For further information about Relevans Communication Assessment please contact

Sophia André Klingspor