Morten Sommer

Vice Chairman of the Board
Chief Scientific Officer  

Morten Sommer received his PhD from Harvard University in Biophysics.

Before starting his own lab Morten Sommer worked with professors George Church, Stephen Quake and Sine Larsen.

Morten Sommer now works on understanding and harnessing evolutionary processes and biological diversity.  Genome and metagenome wide screens and perturbations are used in conjunction with synthetic biology tools to understand the evolution and phenotypic stability of biosynthetic processes, drug resistance and complex microbial communities.

In the past five years Morten Sommer has received more than 100 M DKK in research funding to his group, including an ERC starting grant and a Sapere Aude group leader grant.

Morten Sommer has started several companies including Biosyntia (2012), AntibioTx (2011) and Microlytic (2006), which was recently acquired by Anatrace.

Morten Sommer has published >40 peer reviewed papers and is the co-inventor on >20 patents and patent applications licensed to public and private companies in the US and Europe.  

Morten Sommer is currently directly supervising 16 PhD students and 11 post docs.