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ABclonal Technology

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Who we are:
ABclonal Technology is an innovative growth company that provides high-quality catalog antibodies as well as antibody discovery/nanabody discovery/antibody humanization service. ABclonal has set up R&D centers in China and the US to develop and manufacture products with the aim of providing cost-effective research tools and high-quality services to biological scientists, biochemists, as well as clinical research laboratories, IVD companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Unique Antibody Technology Platforms:

The SMab platform is a single B-cell based monoclonal antibody discovery platform complete with a protocol for single B-cell sorting, culture, and antibody gene cloning. This platform cultures B lymphocytes for several weeks, obtained by FACS sorting, by stimulating B cells, with a proprietary culture medium formula, to proliferate in vitro and secrete a sufficient amount of antibody IgG for primary screening.

The SMabTM platform has successfully screened rabbit, alpaca, pig, humanized mouse and even human monoclonal antibodies. The SMabTM platform has completely broken the technical monopoly rabbit hybridoma cell technology held on rabbit monoclonal antibody discovery, successfully developing more than 800 rabbit monoclonal antibodies for customers at home and abroad, including:

  • Anti-idiotype antibody
  • Antibodies that target post-translational modification (phosphorylation, palmitation, etc.) sites
  • Small molecule organic compound (vitamin D, sterols, etc.) antibodies
  • Single nucleotide antibodies
  • Antibodies for pathological diagnosis
  • Antibody pairs and ELISA kit
  • Therapeutic rabbit monoclonal antibodies