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The more we uncover about the microbial world, the more we realise there’s much more to discover. We are on the verge of truly understanding the role of microbes in health, disease, nutrition, and the environment. BaseClear is actively cooperating with other experts to identify, characterise and analyse many novel microbial strains for a wide range of applications. As a part of our mission in accelerating the understanding and use of microorganisms for a more sustainable, safer and healthier future, BaseClear is a leading partner in microbial genomics research.

Over the last three decades we have built considerable experience and expertise in microbial genomics. BaseClear offers a complete range of microbial genomics services including: metagenomics, microbiome analysis and microbial strain characterisation for regulatory approval. We are the preferred partner for many leading brands in various industries such as food, food ingredients, pharma, cosmetics, and animal health in Europe and beyond. We are proudly located in the heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park, a leading biomedical hotspot in Europe. With a Business Developer based in Copenhagen since 2023, we are now equipped to build even stronger relationships with companies across the Scandinavian market and provide them with cutting-edge services.