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Eagle Genomics is a software business that is pioneering the application of network science to biology across the Food and Nutrition, Beauty and Personal Care, AgBio and Healthcare sectors. Its purpose is to accelerate the generative economy through the digital reinvention of science. Eagle Genomics’ AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform, e[datascientist] ™, empowers scientists to exploit multi-dimensional data in minutes rather than months, helping companies conduct science-led innovation for next-generation products.

e[datascientist] supports the entire innovation workflow – from hypothesis through insight to product claims – helping bring novel, safer and sustainable products to market. A Cambridge, UK-headquartered business with a global presence, Eagle Genomics has sites in London’s Knowledge Quarter, Hyderabad, India, New York’s Genome Center as well as Paris’ Station F, Potsdam Science Park, Germany and Kyiv, Ukraine.

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