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Farmantra is a life sciences corporate finance advisory mainly focused on :

StrategicCFO Services

Unlike classical CFOs that are more focused on finance controlling, Farmantra is are more strategic and analytical which is vital for a young Biotech/MedTech where they assist the CEO in maximising value in the long term. As an Interim CFO, we take following responsibilities:

  • Managing risks and uncertainties: Future should not be viewed as a fixed outcome rather a range of possibilities and on the basis of insights into their respective likelihoods, as a probability distribution
  • Making Decisions: We assist the CEO and the board in making decisions using tools such as Decision Trees and Simulations
  • Investor relations: Evaluate the best outcomes and assist in funding rounds, licensing deals and secondary offerings
  • Corporate governance: Present to the board key financial and non-financial metrics

Early Stage Valuation

At early stage, you have less historical data, higher uncertainties and risks and hence a good early stage valuation should have the right narratives backed by numbers.

Farmantra has valued several early stage assets and helped the companies in structuring the licensing deals. While valuing early stage assets, we collaborate with several KOLs and experts that provide high quality inputs to the assessment.

In addition, Farmantra has given talks on early stage valuation at the following forums:

  1. Karolinska Innovation and Smile incubator in Sweden
  2. DANSK BIOTEK, Copenhagen
  3. Aleap, Oslo
  4. CFA Society Switzerland – Geneva and Zurich